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A Very poor Loser

See her as she really is

Published time: 9:16 10 September 2018



Boycott Apple

Its products are Queer enough.

Published time: 21:30 9 September 2018



Twitter exiles Alex Jones to Orwellian Purgatory

Have you read "1984"?

Published time: 14:11 8 September 2018


Alex is an "UnPerson" Now on Social Media

Following his take-down of the CNN reporter, Jones had the fourth nail pounded into his social media coffin as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, following in the footsteps of YouTube, Apple and Facebook, banned the InfoWars founder from the platform, citing the company's "abusive behavior" policy, in addition to previous violations.
Now for anyone who has ever snuggled up on the couch with George Orwell's dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Twitter's reason for culling Jones from the social herd should send shivers straight down your spine and into your toes. Naturally, it would be perfectly understandable for Twitter to terminate accounts for "hate speech" and reckless calls for violence. But that was not the reason given for 'disappearing' Jones. They removed him for his "abusive behavior" against the CNN reporter.
This is not a defense of Alex Jones, of course, who is known for spewing conspiracy theories. The problem is that an individual has been silenced not for something he wrote or said on the Internet, but for an action he committed in the 'real world.' That should frighten any person with a soundly functioning brain.
TThe only "abusive behavior" that should matter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the verbal content that is contained in the estimated 500 million Tweets published daily. Heck, even if the confrontation between Jones and Darcy had come down to blows and blood that should be a matter for the police and courts to settle, not Twitter. There is no place in civil society for any tech company - private or otherwise - to play overlord of the holy algorithm with people's private lives.
Jones, a veteran media commentator who the 'legacy media' dismisses out of hand as a conspiracy theorist, is certainly repugnant to some people, but the fact is his message resonates with millions of other people. So when the Big Four social media companies snuff out the online presence of Alex Jones, they've committed a terrible injustice, to put it mildly, against the rights of countless other civilians, who should have a right to listen to what message they want, and separate fact from fake like mature adults.
What the tech executives, in direct collaboration with our government officials, really hope to achieve by all this banning and outright censorship, is to kill the message that people like Alex Jones are putting out on their platforms. As much as they may try, it is virtually impossible to separate the political views and objectives of the tech CEOs from their day-to-day operations. At the end of the day, they will want to promote their vision of what they believe is the perfect political world. Don't believe me? Just ask former Google engineer James Damore, who is suing the search engine monster for its "intolerance of white, male conservatives."
In other words, Americans enjoy the freedom of speech, so long as that speech doesn't clash with the official narrative on 'touchy' subjects, such as war in foreign countries or critical elections on the home front. Has Jones got his facts twisted in the past? Of course he has. But then again, so has CNN, and possibly under more embarrassing circumstances.
Had Sherlock Holmes been a real living person today working as an investigative journalist, he'd be crucified like Christ for daring to postulate a 'theory' that was not first endorsed by the corporate media, or the social media sites, which seem to think they have the final word on 'Truth.'
The First Amendment has no power or influence in the American marketplace, it seems. However, the argument that says tech companies are private and therefore free to treat users with total disregard lacks substance, especially when we consider the high level of government 'intervention' and outright coercion these companies are experiencing, all under the ruse of 'Russiagate'.
There is also the question of the fiercely contested Midterm elections coming up in November. Many Republicans are convinced that left-leaning tech companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the real 'Russian meddlers' in the US political system. Last month, Donald Trump, strongly hinting at imposing regulatory measures, called out the tech companies, saying they are "treading on very, very troubled territory," and warning them to "be careful."
The writingis on the wall. The banning of Alex Jones and his media outlets is the clarion call for a massive culling across the social media platforms. And this move should not be confused as anything remotely connected to strength. Just
Naturally, this is not the American way. From the time of the nation's founding, prominent statesmen, like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, bitterly fought over what sort of country America would be. There was no such thing as 'political correctness' to stifle debate, which was always robust, intelligent and combative.
Our tech titans and government representatives simply lack the foresight and courage of the English writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who famously proclaimed: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
That should be the motto of every social media company today that hopes to aspire to the demands of honest - and occasionally brutal - democratic debate.


Raquel Welch

From Hooker to Heartthrob

Published time: Fri Sep 7 12:29:14 2018

(born Jo Raquel Tejada; September 5, 1940)

Younger, She plied The Trade in Mexico

Now a Popular Actress

Previous Profession: Prostitute

All of the women in this series have engaged in bona fide prostitution. Some at the "Street" level whilst several others were "Heidi Fleiss Girls".

Several have been found guilty of prostitution related offenses and have paid fines or been incarcerated.



Not satisfied with threatening MARIA MOTUZNAYA [Мария Мотужная] with Six years in Prison, Rosfinmonitoring has doubled down on her ridiculous penalty for a few humorous Memes.

She has now been placed on Rosfinmonitoring's list of people who are, allegedly, "Accomplices to Terrorists".

Published time: Thu Sep 6 19:03:20 2018


I hadn't come across this subject before, but it's completely hellish. It has to do with the conveyor belt of arrests in Barnaul of people who posted memes on social networks. By the by, you read that each of these people, who has been charged with "extremism" for posting funny pictures on VK, is placed on Rosfinmonitoring's list of people who are, allegedly, accomplices to terrorists.
The list is no joke at all. All your bank accounts and bank cards are blocked, and you cannot open new accounts and get new bank cards. No one can transfer money to you. You cannot be employed anywhere. You cannot take out more than 10,000 rubles [approx. 136 euros] in cash per month from your own bank account, so go ahead and live high on the hog.
The kicker is that people are placed on the list without a court order. So, you are charged with a crime and you wind up on the list.
I took a glance at the list: there are 8,507 people on it. Eight thousand five hundred and seven people.* The list really does include "5203. Motuznaya, Maria Sergeyevna, born 26.8.1994, Barnaul, Altai Territory." Maria Motuznaya is the young woman who broke the story about the Center "E" officers and their informers in Altai Territory.
Of course, Rosfinmonitoring could definitely not care less about the laws on personal information. While you are tortured and fined, they quietly hang you out to dry on their list.
By the way, the list is called the "List of Persons about Whom There is Information of Their Involvement in Extremism or Terrorism," and its URL is even more telling: http://www.fedsfm.ru/documents/terrorists-catalog-portal-act. So, a state agency, Rosfinmonitoring, labels 8,507 people "terrorists" just like that. It is obvious the majority of them have been placed on the list in the absence of a court ruling, because even when you take into account all the "terrorists" the FSB has dreamt up, actual terrorist cases have probably not amounted to a tenth of this number.
If you've been added to the list, there's no going back. The web page containing the list also features a list of people who have been removed from the list: there are fourten such people. I don't know whether this is the number of people who have been removed from the list since it was established or over the last year. In any case, it is less than 0.2% of 8,507.
It's probably no coincidence the number of acquittals in Russian courts is roughly the same percentage.
Anyone can end up on the list merely for posting a meme. There is no investigation, no trial, no explanations. Wham! Just like that you're a "terrorist," a lowlife excluded from modern society.

It's a horrible thing.


Why would I have a "Plan" to tackle crime?

After all, it's our side that's comitting it.

Published time: Wed Sep 5 07:45:57 2018


Terrorist Incidents in London are just "part and parcel"
of living in a big globalist city, right Sadiq Kahn?

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn has been dressed down in a scathing attack by former Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan, who says that Kahn has no "coherent strategy" to fight violent crime in London, reports the Evening Standard following a special investigative series.


Vicious Smear Video

The Commie, New World Order Imperialists will stop at nothing

Published time: Tue Sep 4 01:39:44 2018

Watch "The smearing of a "Royal"

Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Only his sister, Princess Alice, stayed Loyal



In Memorium

140 Years ago Today

The Princess Alice sank with 640++ Fatalities

Published time: Mon Sep 3 02:12:25 2018
Updated Tue Sep 4 01:33:09 2018

Illustrated London News Ltd

Sliced in Two by a Collier in London's Thames river.

The Princess Alice sank in the River Thames on 3 September 1878, killing hundreds of ordinary Londoners returning home from a day trip to the seaside. The tragedy, now largely forgotten, dominated newspaper headlines and led to changes to the shipping industry.

The sinking of the Princess Alice remains Britain's most deadly inland waterway accident

For the full tragic story, Klik Here


Cosmopolitan loses its marbles

Endorses Tub of Shit model

Published time: Sun Sep 2 15:52:55 2018



Maria Motuznaya [Мария Мотужная] facing Six years Prison for posting memes

Overzealous Prosecutors

Published time: Sat Sep 1 09:26:36 2018


Her case is a shocking reminder of how powerful the Russian Orthodox Church has become under current President Vladimir Putin and how far-reaching its grip on the judicial system and other aspects of secular life is nowadays.


23-year-old Russian Maria Motuznaya faces six years in jail for posting several memes on the Russian social network "VKontakte" like those shown here.



And Time stood still

Well, sort of

Published time: Fri Aug 31 10:45:38 2018



No more "Putting the Clock Back"

The EU Commission is proposing to end the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn after a survey found most Europeans opposed it.
Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said millions "believe that in future, summer time should be year-round, and that's what will happen".
The Commission's proposal requires support from the 28 national governments and MEPs to become law.
In the EU clocks switch between winter and summer under daylight saving time.
A European Parliament resolution says it is "crucial to maintain a unified EU time regime".
However, the Commission has not yet drafted details of the proposed change.
In a consultation paper it said one option would be to let each member state decide whether to go for permanent summer or winter time. That would be "a sovereign decision of each member state", Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein explained on Friday.
He stressed that the proposal was "to no longer constrain member states into changing clocks twice per year".
The UK is one of the 28 nations, but is due to leave the European Union in March 2019. Any change would be unlikely to happen before then.
The Commission warns that unco-ordinated time changes between member states would cause economic harm.
In the public consultation, 84% of 4.6 million respondents called for ending the spring and autumn clock change.
By far the biggest response was in Germany and Austria (3.79% and 2.94% of the national population respectively). The UK's response was lowest - 0.02% - but few Italians took part, either (0.04%).


Read the proposal carefully and you will believe that there will be more confusion than already exists.




Snapped in Londonistan

Ain't Diversity Great

Published time: Thu Aug 30 06:15:25 2018


While you're at the Carnival, Mate

Try Allah's Rooftop Ride


Celtic Woman

Máiréad Nesbitt, a Real Irish Woman

Published time: Wed Aug 29 05:07:59 2018

Máiréad Nesbitt at Macquarie Shopping Centre, Sydney
Máiréad Plays Shenandoah on her Fiddle



Shed a tear for dear old Ireland

Kirsten Mate Maher crowned "Rose of Tralee"

Published time: Tue Aug 28 18:00:40 2018




Also Spracht Ariel

Just Call me the Butcher of Beirut

Published time: Mon Aug 27 13:40:24 2018




Sweden Finally Awakes

Nordic Resistance Movement rallies in Stockholm

Published time: Sun Aug 26 09:33:37 2018

Norfic Resistance Rally
The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) held a rally in Stockholm on Saturday

Swedish leader Simon Lindberg, interviewed by Russia Today

"We want to take back the country from the traitors at the parliament, " Lindberg said, claiming that "between 20 and 30 percent of the inhabitants in Sweden is non-European." The Swedes are soon to become a minority, the NRM leader believes, and eventually even can "cease to exist" in their own country."

It's already too late to just stop the immigration. We must kick them back," he added.

The Scandinavian country, which has a long tradition of welcoming refugees, has seen a rise in far-right and anti-immigration sentiment, fueled by a surge in gang violence. Over the past few years, dozens of Swedes were injured or lost their lives in attacks in suburbs dominated by immigrant communities. An estimated 400,000 people filed for asylum in Sweden since 2012.

Nordic Resistance


How safe is an Election Office website?

11 Years old Audrey Jones hacked in after just 10 Minutes

Published time: 13 August, 2018 10:24

Audrey Jones
Audrey Jones

Ahead of the US midterms in November, the MSM has talked at length about a Russian hacking threat. Meanwhile, a competition in Las Vegas shows that when it comes to interfering with a US election, even a child can do it.

Hosted by technology non-profit R00tz Asylum, the competition was held on the sidelines of the annual Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, where children between the ages of 8 and 17 were tasked with hacking into replica election office websites in key "battleground” states where the upcoming US midterm elections in November are expected to be tight.

Of the 39 contestants who entered, 35 were successful in breaking into the sites with the fastest being 11-year old Audrey Jones. She cracked the site's code in just 10 minutes.

While R00tz Asylum's mantra is "hacking for good, it exposes glaring vulnerabilities to the cyber security of the US election system despite a whopping $380 million approved by Congress to improve cyber-security for elections in 2018 alone.

Election websites aren't the only ones open to manipulation. Without any specialist equipment, a voting machine used in 18 different states can be easily hacked by anyone to gain admin access in under two minutes, showing you don't need to be a Russian hacker or child prodigy to mess with the US midterms.


Last Post for a Gallant Friend and Komrade

Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Himmler
(Married name Burwitz, 8 August 1929 – 24 May 2018)

Published time: 29 May, 2018 08:09

Gudrun Himmler with her father, Heinrich Himmler, in Berlin in 1938.
"Daddy has found it terribly difficult with the incredible amount of work,”
she wrote in her diary in 1945. "The Führer will not believe that the soldiers will
no longer fight. Still, perhaps everything will turn out fine.
CreditAssociated Press
Gudrun Outside of Her Home in Munich, June 2011

Ich hatt einen Kameraden


Nederlands mourning Wilhelmina Dille

She couldn't handle the shame and threats of more "action"

Published time: 10 August, 2018 08:09

Willie Dille.jpg


Geert Wilders Devastated

PVV leader Geert Wilders is shocked by the death of Willie Dille, a PVV city councilor in The Hague. "There are no words", he said in a statement released on Twitter

"Willie was a great, warm colleague who always looked out for her fellow human beings and for the youth in particular. We will miss her enormously. There are no words", Wilders said. Dille was a parliamentarian for the PVV for two years. "We wish her partner, children, her colleagues from the PVV The Hague faction, and everyone who loved her a lot of strength with this indescribable loss."

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also responded on Twitter. "Shocked by the death of the Hague PVV councilor Willie Dille. My sympathies go out to her family. Wished much strength to Geert Wilders and the PVV with this big loss. I'm in close contact with mayor Pauline Krikke and Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security."

Mayor Pauline Krikke of The Hague cut her holiday short and returned to the city after hearing about Dille's death, RTL Nieuws reports. "The message of Willie Dille's death touched me deeply. The Hague city council lost a committed and passionate councilor and colleague. Willie Dille stood for her cause. She could argue fiercely, but could also be humorous. We will miss her very much in the city council and in the debate", Krikke said in a written statement.

Dille committed suicide on Wednesday. Earlier in the day she posted a video on Facebook in which she said that she was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by a group of Muslims on March 15th last year - the day of the parliamentary election. She said that she had been threatened and that she feared for her life. Dille also said that fellow Hague city councilor Arnoud van Doorn is behind the rape. She ended the video by saying that she is stepping out of politics.

The police told RTL Nieuws that they find what happened terrible. "Mrs. Dille did not file a report of a sexual offense or threat, so the police could not conduct a criminal investigation. But we did have several conversations with her and also offered her assistance", a police spokesperson said to the broadcaster. "In the past, and also recently, there was contact with Mrs. Dille. Rape and threats were discussed. In that talk we pointed out the possibilities of reporting. But she did not do that. For that reason we could not launch a criminal investigation."

Those in the Netherlands who are suffering from depression or contemplating suicide may call counselors at Sensoor, 0900-0767 (5 ct./min.), or call their volunteers at a local number. 113 Zelfmoordpreventie is also available 24/7 at number 0900-0133. A list of suicide crisis hotlines outside the Netherlands is available on Wikipedia.



Palestinian Jeanne D'Arc

Fearless and Committed 17 years old Palestinian Hero

Published time: 2 August, 2018 11:01



‘I'm ready to go to prison 100 more times'
Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi to Russia Today

Iconic young activist Ahed Tamimi told RT she will continue to fight for the Palestinian cause, despite the hardships she faced in an Israeli military prison. Tamimi said she would risk going to jail again for her country.

The teenager, who has become a symbol of Palestinian resistance and was even called the Palestinian Joan of Arc, was released from prison on Sunday after serving eight months for confronting IDF soldiers.

"I hope nobody ever goes through what I went through. But I'm glad I ended up there for my beliefs,” the 17-year-old activist told RT Arabic. "And I'm ready to go to prison a hundred more times if it serves the good of my country.”

Tamimi comes from a family of Palestinian freedom campaigners, and was involved in altercations with the IDF in the past. In December, she was filmed pushing, kicking, and slapping two armed IDF soldiers who raided her home village, Nabi Saleh in the West Bank. Her mother, Nariman, and 20-year-old cousin, Nour, were also involved in the confrontation. All three women were subsequently arrested. A video of the incident went viral, solidifying Ahed as a symbol of Palestinian resistance.

"I knew they could arrest me. It's a common practice when your people live under Israeli oppression,” Tamimi said, speaking about the incident which later got her jailed.



Total Agreement

Meeting of the Minds

Published time: 21 June, 2018 09:01


Boris Johnson would make a ‘great prime minister' and Theresa May made a bad Brexit deal by ignoring his advice, US President Donald Trump told a British tabloid.

The US President described the former foreign secretary as "a very talented guy.”

"I like him a lot,” he said. "I have a lot of respect for Boris. He obviously likes me, and says very good things about me. I was very saddened to see he was leaving government and I hope he goes back in at some point. I think he is a great representative for your country,” Trump told The Sun.

Boris is the ‘British Trump': Obama's nickname for Johnson revealed

Johnson resigned as foreign secretary on Monday, in protest over May's proposal for a "soft” Brexit from the European Union. Under the arrangement, the UK would lose all influence in the bloc but still have to abide by its multitudinous regulations.

Boris Johnson (R), Donald Trump (L), above. Matt Dunham "Will the end of May come in July?". Boris' Brexit bombshell threatens to sink Theresa

"I am not pitting one against the other,” the US president said when asked if he'd like to see Johnson as PM. "I am just saying I think he would be a great prime minister. I think he's got what it takes.”

Trump also expressed disappointment with May's handling of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

"I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me,” Trump told the tabloid. "I would actually say that she probably went the opposite way. And that is fine. She should negotiate the best way she knows how. But it is too bad what is going on.”

The US president also took potshots at the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

"I think he has not been hospitable to a government that is very important. Now he might not like the current President, but I represent the United States,” he said.

Trump arrived in the UK on Thursday for a state visit, after attending the NATO summit in Belgium. He is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday.



Denise Richards

Now a Popular Actress

Previous Profession: Prostitute

All of the women in this series have engaged in bona fide prostitution. Some at the "Street" level whilst several others were "Heidi Fleiss Girls".

Several have been found guilty of prostitution related offenses and have paid fines or been incarcerated.

Published time: 21 June, 2018 09:01

Denise Richards


Obama administration skirted sanctions to give Iran billions while assuring public it wasn't doing so

"Obama Administration Skirted U.S. Sanctions to Grant Iran Billions in Cash,”

Published time: 6 June, 2018 9:38

OBAMA Middle Finger

The Obama administration skirted key U.S. sanctions to grant Iran access to billions in hard currency despite public assurances the administration was engaged in no such action, according to a new congressional investigation.

The investigation, published Wednesday by the House Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, further discloses secret efforts by top Obama administration officials to assure European countries they would receive a pass from U.S. sanctions if they engaged in business with Iran.

The findings confirm earlier reports by the Washington Free Beacon surrounding efforts by the Obama administration to go above and beyond the terms of the landmark nuclear deal to appease Iran and grant it billions in hard currency, as well as access to the U.S financial system, despite multiple assurances to Congress this was not the case.

Congressional investigators have now confirmed that the Obama administration ordered the Treasury Department to issue a secret license granting Iran access to the U.S. financial system and American dollar, a process that played out at the same time these senior administration officials were testifying to Congress that they were not engaged in such activities.

The investigation confirms allegations by many in Congress that the Obama administration was engaged in covert diplomacy with senior Iranian officials beyond the nuclear agreement to help Tehran obtain billions in hard currency, cash that was later used by the Islamic Republic to fund its ballistic missile program and fighting forces operating in Syria and across the region.

"The Obama administration misled the American people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio), chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. "Despite claims both before and after the Iran deal was completed that the U.S. financial system would remain off limits, the Obama administration issued a specific license allowing Iran to convert billions of dollars in assets using the U.S. financial system.”

Several days after the Obama administration announced the implementation of the nuclear agreement, U.S. officials were contacted by Bank Muscat in Oman, which was seeking to convert nearly six billion dollars on Iran's behalf.

Bank Muscat petitioned the Obama administration to allow it to access the U.S. dollar in order to conduct the transition, which was to be carried out from Omani rials, into U.S. dollars, and then into Euros. That money would then be transferred into the Central Bank of Iran, or CBI, which was long designated for sanctions by the United States as a result of its efforts to fund Iran's terror operations and nuclear program.

"The inability to convert the funds held at Bank Muscat through the U.S. financial system frustrated key Iranian officials,” according to the congressional investigation. "On January 24, 2016, a lead Iranian negotiator, wrote to his U.S. State Department counterpart, complaining that Iran could not convert its assets as it requested.”

While such transactions remained prohibited under the nuclear agreement, also known as the JCPOA, senior Obama administration officials in the State and Treasury Departments scrambled to find back-door methods to appease Iran.

In one email obtained by congressional investigators, a Treasury Department official says that the United States committed much more to Iran than was publicly disclosed at the time by the Obama administration.

"Yikes. It looks like we committed to a whole lot beyond just allowing the immobilized funds to settle out,” the official wrote.

While the administration was not obligated to conduct any such transactions on Iran's behalf, Obama administration officials decided to pressure the Treasury Department to issue a secret license permitting Iran to access the $5.7 billion from Oman's Bank Muscat using the U.S. financial system, according to the investigation.

"Treasury Department officials began working on a specific license authorizing Bank Muscat's transaction,” the report finds. "A specific license allows specified transactions to occur that would otherwise violate U.S. sanctions.”

The license did not have to be publicly disclosed and it was ultimately issued during a time when top Obama administration officials were testifying to Congress that they had no intention of permitting Iran access to the U.S. financial system….


Barbara Frietche Reincarnated

Kent State Gun Girl Challenges David Hogg:

"Let's Arm Wrestle"

The Kent State "Gun Girl" is now known to be a Patriotic Pro-Gun advocate by the name of Kaitlin Bennett
(See Article Below at May 17)

Kent State graduate Kaitlin Bennett called out anti-gun activist David Hogg on Twitter Sunday, challenging him to an arm wrestling competition to decide the fate of The Second Amendment.

Published time: 5 June, 2018 14:01
Edited time: 5 June, 2018 22:57

Kaitlin Bennett

Bennet was pushed into the public spotlight when her graduation photo went viral because she posed with her AR-10 rifle and a graduation cap reading, "Come and take it.”

Hogg has yet to respond to Bennet's challenge and has announced a nationwide gun control tour featuring 70 stops in 20 states.

Continuing to troll Hogg, Bennet posted a picture of him and assured her followers, "It's alright guys, the 2nd amendment is safe.”


David Hogg, Brainwashed Anti-Gun advocate.

Hear Kaitlin - No Apologies


May at her Mosque

Another Perfect Case for a Republic

Published time: 1 June, 2018 04:15

May at Mosque

May at Mosque

This case against Tommy Robinson is one of silencing and imprisoning an individual who attempted to draw public attention to the activity of muslim rape gangs, jihad violence and sharia oppression. Said case and others like it demonstrate that the British police are now arresting people for having *"unacceptable” opinions.

Furthermore, it appears as if May's sharia-compliant government is now fully organized into a police state, in which people can be arrested and brutalized on nebulous "hate” charges, and have no rights, no recourse.

The British government, in arresting Tommy Robinson and others shows itself willing to incarcerate people for having opinions that it considers unacceptable. This heralds the death of Britain as a free society and the beginning of an authoritarian police state in that region or more accurately Britain's slide into totalitarianism; that is unless and until it's willing to respect the human rights of ALL its citizens - not just muslims.

Personally, I feel fear as well as satisfaction to read in print something I've known for quite some time and that is that Britain has turned into a muslim compliant police state that exists to fulfill the wishes of it's beloved muslims at the expense of it's own citizens.

Playing the "Last Post" for England with "Minutes Silence" and "Awake"


Royal Wedding?

The Perfect Case for a Republic

Published time: 30 May, 2018 01:15


Harry & Meghan's wedding was an embarrassment. Not only did it do away with tradition and include a sermon that pushed Marxist ideals and ‘social justice', but Meghan Markle & her family turned the event into a low grade soap opera. As millions of people turned their back on the event, could this spell the beginning of the end for the Royal family?

Watch This Video
it's A disgraceful performance
that is guaranteed to shock you.

See it HERE (Courtesy: Mark Collett)


Ivanka Trump being vilified over posted photo of her and her son

Ivanka Trump photo with son sparks backlash over border separations | US news | The Guardian

Published time: 29 May, 2018 00:15

Ivanka and Son

Even though I am not a Trump fan anymore, I find it utterly RIDICULOUS for them to say horrible things about a mother, Ivanka or not, posing in a photo with her child. At least she takes the time to be photographed with her children. Feminists/liberals HATE the fact they are expected to have children. I am sure they only have children as a tax break. They put their careers before their family.

These complainers fail to realize Ivanka is an AMERICAN CITIZEN. These people who come over are ILLEGALS - when you do something illegal, it's AGAINST THE LAW.

So now, are they going to attack verbally or harass ANY White woman showing affection to their child? I can see it now, White women will be ostracized for having White children. These scum have no boundaries; they would love nothing more than to attack in anyway a mother who is an American citizen BY BIRTH and her child.


Tommy Robinson, Patriot

Published time: 25 May, 2018 09:15

Tommy Robinson

In the space of a single hour.

Arrested, tried, and sentenced within an hour: Tommy Robinson gets 13 months for livestreaming outside courthouse.

Not only that, but it is very hard to get any information at all, as the police have imposed a gag order regarding this case — obviously they know how bad it makes them look, as the darkness of Sharia-compliant totalitarianism descends upon the UK.

Future generations of free Britons, if there are any, will curse the name of Theresa May as the destroyer of free Britain.

Caolan Robertson is saying that this is a death sentence for Tommy because, like Britain First leader Paul Golding, he will likely be placed in the general prison population, which is dominated by violent Muslims who will be quite happy to dispatch Tommy to Jahannam.

Britain is finished, and its death as a free society is by its own hand.

The one Ray of Hope is that today there are thousands of "Free Tommy" demonstrators protesting at Downing Street with some scaling the railings.



Bold Bikie

Published time: 20 May, 2018 14:01

Portrait of A Cougar Hunter

For years, liberalist Seattle cyclists have made a hobby of riding their bikes up into the mountains and running down helpless mountain lions.

Of course, the one time a cat tries to stand up and defend himself, he is hunted down and murdered by the cops.


US wildlife officers in Washington state have shot dead a cougar that killed a cyclist and mauled another.

The two cyclists were in North Bend, about 30 miles (50km) from Seattle, when the attack occurred. The injured man used his mobile phone to seek help.

The rider who died was dragged away by the cougar to its den, said King County sheriff spokesman Sergeant Ryan Abbot.

Wildlife officials said it was only the second fatal cougar attack in Washington state in the past 100 years.

Tracker dogs were used to locate the animal, hours after the attack.

Sure, sure.

The cougar attacked the cyclists, unprovoked.


Nevermind the statistics showing that a cyclist is 68 times more likely to attack a cougar than the other way around.

A liberalist Seattle cyclist stands over the corpse of a cougar he just ran down with his bicycle, smiling supremely

But you won't see any "Cougar Lives Matter” protests over this, will you?

No, you won't.

Because America is a cyclist supremacist country, controlled by cyclists to the detriment of cougars.



All Russian Actress Lyudmila Savelyeva

Published time: 17 May, 2018 14:01
Edited time: 17 May, 2018 15:57

Portrait of Savelyeva

Lyudmila Savelyeva is a Russian actress known as Natasha Rostova in the epic film War and Peace (1966), a powerful adaptation of the eponymous masterpiece by Leo Tolstoy.

She was born Lyudmila Mikhailovna Savelyeva on 24 January 1942, in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), while the city suffered the heroic Siege of Leningrad during WWII. From 1950 to 1962 she studied acting and ballet at the prestigious Vaganovoy Academy of Russian Ballet, graduating in 1962 as ballerina. That same year she became member of the Kirov Ballet at Mariinsky Theatre in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). She made her film debut in Sleeping beauty (1964).

Savelyeva shot to fame as Natasha Rostova in epic film War and Peace (1966) by director Sergey Bondarchuk. The eight-hour epic became the most expensive film ever made, War and Peace (1966) was produced over seven years, from 1961 to 1968, at an estimated cost of $100,000,000 (about one billion dollars adjusted for inflation in 2010). The film set several records, such as involving over three hundred professional actors from several countries and also 140 thousand extras from the Red Army in filming the two-hour-long episode depicting the historic Battle of Borodino fought against Napoleon's invading forces, making it the largest battle scene ever filmed.

Savelyeva's natural beauty and effortless style won her numerous accolades from international critics. She was chosen by the Soviet Union's communist government to represent the country at various film festivals across the world. In 1969, Savelyeva was sent to the Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood to represent War and Peace (1966) which won the 1969 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A few days later, when Savelyeva brought the Oscar back to Moscow, she was met by members of the Soviet government who took the Oscar away from the filmmakers.

After co-starring in a few less successful movies, Savelyeva disappeared from public view during the 90s. She re-emerged after a ten-year hiatus appearing in Tender Age (2000) and later appeared as Countess Scherbatskaya in _"Anna Karenina" (2009 TV mini-series)_.

Outside of her acting career, Lyudmila Savelyeva is known as a collector of rare books, having amassed a significant private library. She has been married to fellow actor Aleksandr Zbruev, and the couple is living in Moscow, Russia.


"Open Carry" promoted for women.

Published time: 17 May, 2018 09:15

Pro Gun Chick

Nice Sentiment, Great visual impact, but the best arm to be holding
in a close combat situation is a short barreled revolver, or better still,
a pistol with several spare clips.


American Embassy Moved to Jerusalem.
Jews Rename Top Football Club to "TRUMP".

Published time: 14 May, 2018 04:02


Donald, You just took a "Dump" on all your Supporters

Over 50 Murdered in Gaza.

You have done nothing you promised to do

But did numerous things you said you would not do.

Just another "Israel Firster" Politician


Peter Dalglish, Paedophile

Published time: 13 May 05:16

Peter Dalglish, a lauded humanitarian worker
Posing with his Friend, Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau.

New York Times:

When Peter Dalglish, a lauded humanitarian worker, built a sleek cabin near a Nepalese village of rutted roads and hills ribbed with rice paddies, locals knew virtually nothing about him.

But over several years, Mr. Dalglish, a Canadian, endeared himself to many in the community, greeting villagers in Nepali, offering chocolates from Thailand to children playing in the forest and helping people rebuild their homes destroyed by devastating earthquakes in 2015.

The good will was shattered last month when the police swarmed around Mr. Dalglish's home, placed a gun to his head and arrested him on charges of raping at least two boys, 12 and 14.

Suddenly, villagers were on edge, worried about how far the betrayal — and abuse — may have stretched.

Dalglish and Victim


Nonna Mordyukova - All Russian Actress

Published time: 13 May, 2018 07:16
Edited time: 17 May, 2018 13:57

Portrait of Nonna

Nonna (Noyabrina) Viktorovna was born into a large family in the Cossack village of Kostiantynivka, Donetsk Region, Ukrainian SSR. Nonna spent her childhood in a settlement where her mother worked as chairwoman of kolkhoz (collective farm).

In 1946, Mordyukova entered the Actors' Faculty of VGIK and studied there under Boris Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova. After graduating she played on stage of Theatre Studio of Film Actor and was often featured by film directors.

For the Editor, Nonna is at her best in Bondarchuk's "War and Peace", second film, Hunting Lodge Scene as Anisya with Ludmila Savelyeva dancing and the Guitar and Balalaika playing. Simply Fantastic.

In 1948, Mordyukova was married to actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov and had a son from him (who died). The two were divorced in 1963.

Mordukova - Putin
Putin bestows the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 2000

See Wiki for more detail.


More US Sponsored Agression

Published time: 12 May, 2018 05:16
Edited time: 12 May, 2018 11:04

Ukrainian soldiers physically threatened Russian diplomat inside UN HQ – Moscow

Ukrainian servicemen

Ukrainian military servicemen, including "snipers" clad in camouflage, sought to browbeat a Russian diplomat after he quashed Kiev's narrative during a meeting at the UN headquarters, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The incident took place at a Ukraine-sponsored event dedicated to the issue of fake news and propaganda. The meeting on May 9, Kiev claimed, was held under the auspices of the UN Committee on Information, which is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly.

The session was attended by Russian diplomat Maksim Buyakevich, who fired back against numerous allegations thrown at Moscow by Ukrainian delegates, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said. While diplomatic squabbles are nothing new within the UN's walls, with the Security Council meetings and the US envoy's dramatic walkouts, Zakharova said this time it took things to a whole new level.

Shortly after the meeting wrapped up, Buyakevich was approached by several uniformed men who had been present at the event and were introduced by the Ukrainian side as veterans of the so-called 'anti-terrorist operation' in the country's east and "snipers from southeastern Ukraine." The men, according to the Russian spokesperson, began to take photos of Buyakevich, hurl slurs at him and ended up threatening to physically assault the Russian delegate.

Camouflaged people were scurrying about the UN, shouting, taking photos of Russian diplomats and making threats. We are talking about direct threats," Zakharova said.

Moreover, when Zakharova addressed the chairman of the UN Committee on Information, Jan Kickert, about the inadmissibility of such behavior on Friday, it turned out that the Ukraine-sponsored event was never authorized.

"The committee did not give any permit, nor did it agree to such an event to take place, which means that by presenting the meeting as part of the Committee on Information's work and dedicating it to fakes and propaganda, the Ukrainian delegation was making these very fakes," Zakharova said.

This did not stop the Ukrainian officials from taking the floor and defending the meeting as an event of an utmost importance, Zakharova said. She added that such insistence prompted Kickert to "repeat about five times" that the committee did not have any role in organizing the Kiev-dominated discussion.

The spokeswoman said that the UN Secretariat, as well as the committee, assured Moscow that they would pay more attention to the events that are attributed to the UN from now on, as she called the threats by the Ukrainian para-military delegates an absolutely unacceptable behavior within the UN walls."

"What the Ukrainian mission to the UN did was the continuation of Kiev's policy of intimidating Russian foreign ministry officials," she told TASS.

Maria Zakharova with Vladimir Putin


Kobane, Syria under Intensive Israeli Shellfire

Published time: 11 May, 2018 07:16
Edited time: 11 May, 2018 11:15

Kobane Shelled


Will Daddy be there When Harry "Jumps The Broom"
With his Second Hand SheeBoon?

Published time: 10 May, 2018 07:16
Edited time: 13 May, 2018 11:04

Harrys Dad
♬ "The Working Class can Kiss my Ass. i'm shagging Royalty, Bold as Brass." ♬
[Apologies to the International.]
Di - Cannes
Never mind your Tongue, Meghan, you'll never beat this for Style,
Camilla Camila Windblown

But Camilla is still the "Queen" of the Castle.
For Sheer Elegance, and a cool head when the wind wreaked havoc with her outfit, her prompt action fortunately kept her out of the "Upskirt Hit Parade"


Charles and Camilla
Charles and Camilla - future King and Queen of England


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